Introducing BlockchainSpace

We are the Guild Hub of the Metaverse
BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in the play-to-earn ecosystem.

We are the leading data and infrastructure provider for Play-To-Earn Guilds in the Metaverse with over 23,961 Guilds and 2,057,308 players.

As being part of the Metaverse ourselves, we know the challenges confronting those who dare to step into the space. We, as the frontiersmen of the exciting but still largely unknown Metaverse, should help each other establish ourselves as the master of this realm. That is why BlockchainSpace’s community includes some of the space’s most experienced and credible members, to assist us in this regard. From player training, to guild management and financing your guilds, we’ve got you covered.
$GUILD, the native token of BlockchainSpace, will be your key to mastering the Metaverse. With the token having utilities not only in gaming but also in finance, (yes, we’ve combined the two hottest crypto usecase, Gaming and DeFi) the $GUILD token will be the solution to most of your metaverse problems. You can track the live price of $GUILD in your discord server using this discord bot:
For entrepreneurs exploring this space, we run Academies with educational materials and communities that can assist you in setting up your own guild. Crypto moves fast, but the community moves faster!

Our Academies: