BlockchainSpace Tools

In BlockchainSpace, we value output more than anything else. For the past few months, we've been silently building our tools and onboarding thousands of guilds. Through this grassroots effort, we are proud to say that BlockchainSpace Tools are now being used by 23,961 Guilds representing 2,057,308 players. We are the leading data and infrastructure provider in the Metaverse.


Cryptocurrency’s foremost problem in large-scale usability is Scaling. The metaverse is not immune to this problem. Most gaming guilds struggle with making their community larger because of difficulty in handling numerous transactions, monitoring players, and managing the overall guild.

Introducing our Guild Discord Bot

This friendly little assistant will help you in scaling your operations! No more individual tracking in excel, just input the Public Ronin Address of the scholar and you can see their stats!
The bot also has quick management features to check Top SLP, Top MMR, Total Scholars, Total SLP, Avg SLP (all scholars), Avg SLP (all guilds), Avg MMR (all scholars), Avg MMR (all guilds), This Week and Last Week's Performance, Applicant requests and Cashout requests.

Introducing our Guild Insights Report

This report provides in-depth analytics for guilds across the globe. If you are using the Axie Academy Bot or our Dashboards you are contributing to the global database of Guild Analytics. The Guild Owners Insights Report helps guild owners make decisive decisions based on industry benchmarking.

Introducing our Guild Data Feeds

If you are looking to integrate or produce your own dashboards you can use our Guild Data Feeds.

Introducing our Guild Dashboard

On the managing side of guilds, we also introduce our unique Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) aka Dashboards. Imagine getting all your transactions like payouts automated and done within seconds. That is what our Dashboards can do. Guilds with hundreds of players take a disproportionate amount of time doing menial tasks. Let us automate them for you! This tool can also streamline HR services, with our Applicant Onboarding feature.
The amount of time you save using our Dashboards can also be utilized to let you monitor the performance of your guilds. Dashboards will offer insights and forecasting, that will help you in your endeavor to be the best community in the land!
Link: Coming Soon to Private Beta!

Games Discovery. What games should I play?

With hundreds of games being released in the metaverse every week, gamers are often overwhelmed with the number of choices. Armed with our team of Metaverse Gaming Experts that scours the darkest corners of the cryptogaming realm, BlockchainSpace will guide you in separating vaporware from the new generation of games that will stand the test of time.

Capital Allocation

We want our Guidlers to be well equipped in our quest through the Metaverse. There are many players willing to join the ranks but lack the capital to do so. Hordes of players, most of them young but with no means to do so, are hungry to battle it out. Who will fund them?
Meanwhile on the other side of the equation, there is plenty of capital left unutilized, ready to be deployed. Millions of dollars are ready to fund the ongoing gaming revolution through automated DeFi or TradFi integrations. Alas, this capital has no idea how to reach those players ready to play. Who will connect them?

GUILD Financial Bank

This is a unique de-fi tool that will integrate investor’s money to budding guild communities. Loans can be acquired by guilds to jumpstart their communities. Investors can deposit capital and let their funds work for them through investing in guilds. There will be no language barrier in the metaverse. Investors from the other side of the world can allocate to a guild thousands of miles away.

GUILD Data Bank

Every guild wants to be the best. This is what the metaverse is all about. Sure, there is room for everybody but every aspiring guild wants to be amongst the best. As the best guilds gets the better funding, the better players and the better business profitability. However, the early metaverse lacks the capability of inter-guild comparisons, making it difficult for investors to choose its allocation. Game developers also want broader feedback on the games they’ve produced so that they can improve it for the community. Who will collate this broad range of data? Who will dare?
Our Guild Data Bank dares! With its wide array of data collation, guilds can now compare themselves to the industry standards. Guilds will also determine if their guild ratios are efficient in their current size. It will also provide investors access to the top guilds across the metaverse. Game developers can also see their most popular assets, their most played games and many more. Uniting the needs of investors, game developers and the guild community, Guild Data Bank will be a revolutionary weapon for years to come.