What is the Sandbox Game Maker?

The Sandbox (Game Maker) is a one of a kind online game. Although with simple graphics, this is a massive MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), in which players create their own game! No line of code is required.
The Game Maker tool already has all the resources you need to create your own virtual world however you want. Want to create a role-playing game? A shooting game? A platform game? It’s all possible with The Sandbox Game Maker creation tool! All players can take advantage of the large library of content available to create their own game. But it is also possible, for the most determined, to create their own content (characters, locations, quests, monsters, weapons, etc.).
You can even sell your own creations to other players and earn money (in cryptocurrency) with your tools that will be used in other people’s games! Each player will have their own plot to create their own game (s). Other players can then come visit it to discover your creative talent as a Game Master.
The Sandbox is currently in the pre-registration phase. However, it is possible to register on the official website and download the Game Maker tool to quickly test the first games available such as “Hack the Tao”, “Viking Fjord” and many more!