Guild Profile and Security

โ– Guild and Profile

โ˜… Your Guild
โžข You can update your Guild Name and Ronin Address here.
โžข The Ronin address can be set only by the admin.
โžข The manager % split will be sent to this address.
โ˜… Payout Activation
To activate Kaizenโ€™s Payout and claims feature, click on the โ€œActivate Payoutโ€ button. This will prompt you to verify your account with MetaMask. If you have 2000 GUILD tokens in your account in the BSC or Ethereum network, these features will be unlocked.
โ˜… Your Profile
โž” Personal Information
โžข This page is to update the Userโ€™s personal information.
โžข Users can update their Username and Ronin Address here.
โžข If you are an investor, your investor % split will be sent to the Ronin address entered here.
โž” Change Password
โžข To change password, enter your current password and new password. Then click โ€œSaveโ€
โž” Additional Security
โžข Users can set up 2-factor authentication to make accounts more secure.
โžข Clicking on the 2FA will open a popup window.
โžข The popup window will contain a QR code - scan this using Google Authenticator.
โžข Enter the Google Authenticator OTP (One Time Password) in the field below the QR code.
โžข Then, clicking on Set 2FA will enable the 2-factor authentication.
โžข After enabling 2FA, users will have to enter the Google Authenticator OTP every time they want to log in to Kaizen.
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