How Axie Infinity became a living for some players?

The COVID-19 pandemic added an undesirable page into our lives from 2020 to the current time. Numerous businesses have closed down, the stock market crashed for a while, many were left jobless, and a lot more “not-so-good-news” along the way.
To get through this pandemic, having a source of income is crucial. And this is where Axie Infinity’s Play-to-Earn mechanics had an important role with the players.
With all that being said, many players find this game attractive, and many have earned way beyond the minimum wage. It is also amazing to hear that some considered this as a way to put food on their table.
When you get accepted into a program, if you're an Axie Infinity scholar you can enjoy their benefits, such as training from the mentors, profit sharing, and many more (depending on the terms you agreed on).
A scholarship channel can be found on any Discord servers, you can try your luck especially in joining and applying on our discord server. Lazing around was not an option; many players determined to find a way to generate a source of income. You can earn while being a Scholar, you can earn being a Manager and you can earn being a Breeder.

Here's the guide on how to apply as an Axie Scholar:

Here's the guide on how to become a Manager in Axie Infinity: