Guild Discord Bot
Axie Academy Discord Bot
Is a helpful artificial intelligence discord bot that can perform several useful tasks on your server automatically. The bot helps Axie Scholars monitor their daily and weekly SLP earnings and Axie Scholarship Managers to manage their Axie Scholars.
The Bot was created to be used by the following:
  • โ€‹
    Server Owners: Has all permissions by default; Can add and remove other owners, as well as promote administrators to owners
  • โ€‹
    Guild Managers: Can use the bot and can add and remove scholars
  • Scholars: Can request cashout and can use the bot commands for everyone
  • โ€‹
    Everyone: All people inside and outside the server; Can also use the bot commands for everyone.
To access the Axie Academy Discord Bot, click hereโ€‹
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