BlockchainSpace's Native Ecosystem Token
During the olden times, guilds were the premier centers for taking your skills to the next level. Novice artisans, craftsmen and merchants trained with guild masters, becoming experts of their craft; to become a more efficient, precise and virtuoso version of themselves.
In today’s Open Metaverse, each player desires to maximize their potential. Whether you want to play for fun, glory or treasure, why not listen to the old master and join the $GUILD. Scale your numbers, streamline your community, get access to funding, and get pertinent gaming data using $GUILD, the token connecting play-to-earn guilds worldwide.
$GUILD is BlockchainSpace’s native ecosystem token that will be used for community governance as well as a utility for transactions carried out by Gamers, Guilds, Game Titles and Investors.
$GUILD is also integrated within the MetaSports esports ecosystem (BlockchainSpace's sister company) which houses Web3 native esports tournaments such as Lunacian Scholarship League and caters to Axie Scholarship Guilds.

Note: You can track the live price of GUILD in your discord server using this discord bot:

The $GUILD token is the backbone of our ecosystem.

There are six main ways value can accrue to the $GUILD token:
(1) Loan disbursement commissions (2) CRM cash-out commissions (3) Scholarship management fees (4) Token-granted SaaS features (5) Inter guild transactions (6) Esports tournament fees
(1) $GUILD will accrue value when BlockchainSpace automates credit disbursement to players and guilds, charging commission from the loans. We facilitate credit risk assessment and then distribute these loans. The upside for guild operators is clear here — an automated function reduces the administrative work normally performed by humans, giving you more time to focus on playing the game, interacting with fellow players, plotting your next big in-game move, and generally having fun.
(2) A similar avenue for $GUILD to elevate its worth is through CRM cash-out commission. CRM, or customer relationship management, involves monitoring players within a guild and measuring their performance to track overall guild efficiency and achievements. When guild operators use our tools to carry out certain payroll functions, such as paying out Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) in Axie Infinity to members, BlockchainSpace charges commission, imbuing $GUILD with additional value.
(3) Scholarship management fees that are paid by investors who entrust player management over to BlockchainSpace’s Axie Academy will also be a source of added worth for $GUILD. At the moment, the Axie Academy manages over 500 players .
(4) $GUILD holders can lock up the token to receive premium dashboard access. This token-granted feature will be particularly useful for guilds that have scaled and require an edge to manage operations, ensuring a pleasant, efficient, and economically sound gaming experience that in turn recruits even more players to join the guilds.
(5) The $GUILD token will be the default token for all transactions within the BlockchainSpace ecosystem. That means all transactions that BlockchainSpace performs with guilds will always be in $GUILD, and any two guilds that transact with each other for any purpose may also utilize the token as their preferred asset for financial dealings.
(6) Finally, for those who have a competitive streak, $GUILD can be used as entry fees for e-sports tournaments that are part of the Lunacian Scholarship League. There are currently over 200 guilds participating in this league. Prizes may also be distributed in $GUILD.

The Benefits of Holding $GUILD

As you can see, $GUILD plays multiple roles in the BlockchainSpace ecosystem. Aside from the boosted value that $GUILD may carry as our community grows and the number of use cases increases, there are a few more reasons why you should hold $GUILD:
We split benefits and token value accrual into three categories:
1. Ecosystem Value Accrual 2. Protocol Value Accrual 3. Token Holder Benefits
1. Ecosystem Value Accrual
$GUILD will be used for:
  • DAO participation;
  • Community Rewards;
  • Allocation towards ecosystem partners (e.g., education, partnerships, integrations)
  • Inter-guild investments;
  • Esports tournament prizes.
2. Protocol Value Accrual
$GUILD will accrue value from:
  • Loan Referrals;
  • CRM Cashout Commissions;
  • Scholarship Management;
  • Advertising sales;
  • Token-granted SaaS features;
  • Inter-guild transactions;
  • Esports tournament fees.
3. Token holder benefits
$GUILD holders:
  • get exposure to over 23,961 guilds (as of June 30,2022);
  • will receive a portion of the $GUILD treasury;
  • are eligible to join the DAO with further financial perks;
  • receive discounted access to BlockchainSpace tooling;
  • receive discounted access to play-to-earn guild Activities;
  • receive NFT drops and exclusive content from partners.

$GUILD Use Cases

$GUILD plays multiple roles in the BlockchainSpace ecosystem, here are some examples:
1. Guilds
  • Guilds will use $GUILD to acquire / invest in other Guilds
  • Guilds will use $GUILD to purchase marketing campaigns through BlockchainSpace to advertise and incentivize other Guilds
  • Guilds will use $GUILD to gain access to tech tools provided by BlockchainSpace
  • Guilds will use $GUILD to access esports services 

2. Games
  • Games will use $GUILD to advertise to Guilds and incentivize Guilds to participate in their games.
  • Games will use $GUILD to distribute tokens to specific Guilds eg. A Game with headquarters in the US may not have strong reach to engage with Gamers in SE Asia. BlockchainSpace will identify the best performing Gamers for the Game in SE Asia and act as a distribution channel for both $GUILD rewards and the Game's Own Token

3. Investors
  • Investors will use $GUILD to invest into Guilds around the world
  • Investors will use $GUILD to incentivize Guilds to play on or using the investor's NFT assets to generate yield 

4. Gamers & Guilds

Gamers & Guilds will receive $GUILD rewards when using BlockchainSpace tooling