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BlockchainSpace offers products that provide valuable data, generate key metrics, and automate administrative tasks saving guild operators time and allowing them to focus on scaling and performance. With our products, BlockchainSpace will be in a unique position to assess and extend credit to Guilds and Players
Customer Relation Management (CRM) โ€” Guild managers can monitor each player within the guild, measure the performance of game accounts, and track overall guild insights.
  • Player Applicant Onboarding & HR Dashboard
  • Forecasting Tools
  • Automated Cashout
  • Guild Investment
Guild Data Analytics โ€” Provides in-depth game analytics across guilds
  • Industry benchmark across all play-to-earn games
  • Guild data feeds for the ecosystem
Guild Financial Bank โ€” Allows guilds and players access to financial solutions based on track record and performance.
  • Guild Marketplace
  • Automated credit scoring and credit issuance
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